Injuries and Professional Traumas in Football

One thing that goes without saying in sports is the pain and injuries associated with it. Football is a dynamic game filled with a lot of energy, and therefore, Football injuries are very common. For some athletes, football head trauma has cost them their careers, and most of all, the healthy functioning of their life. Sports injuries are difficult to treat because these are not just minor scratches but can be very impactful injuries. Most often, once the injury has healed, the football players have to go through months of physiotherapy to come back to their level of energy and enthusiasm.

Common football injuries and prevention tips

Football injuries which are quite common are enlisted as follows:

  1. Concussion

It is defined as a mild brain injury that is caused by trauma to the head. It is one of the top 5 football injuries that happen. Most athletes have faced this as they have gotten injured in the head and have seen blurry visions, felt dizziness, and fainted. Some might lose consciousness as it is a football head trauma that they have faced. In most cases, it is treatable.

  1. Knee injury

The trauma that players go through because of knee injury is saddening because they perform in football through their legs. It is a common football trauma associated with ligament and cartilage injury of the knee. The player’s knees can be affected due to the tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament or posterior cruciate ligament and are extremely painful.

  1. Dehydration

During long hours of practice in the field, under the sun or very high temperature causes a salt imbalance and dehydration in the players’ bodies. It is one of the Football injuries that makes the players unconscious and weak over some time.

  1. Overuse injuries

Sometimes, they face muscle fatigue, and overusing those muscles results in more complications. This causes additional damage and exhaustion to the athlete’s body and severe cramps in the muscles. Overuse, in the case of the shoulders, affects the cuffs, which are responsible for rotation. The rotator cuffs become weak over time, and there can be serious damage to the muscles nearby.

  1. Ankle injuries

This is one of the top 5 football injuries faced by the players. Constant use and overuse of their ankles to play football results in ankle sprains. If it is not catered to immediately, it can lead to further ligament damage. Achilles tendonitis is another injury that occurs at the posterior part of the ankle. There could be pain, inflammation, and swelling. If the symptoms are chronic, it can hinder the player’s presence on the field and affect their careers.

There are ways for football injury prevention, which can be brought about to ensure stability to the players. Annual health evaluation, practicing in better conditions, training and stretching sessions, adequate hydration are some steps that can be done for their better performance and good health.

Football injuries and first aid

It is better to never take any injury lightly because what may seem minor could be a major football trauma. For most Football injuries, the best way to go forward is to make the player immobile. Rapid movement at that stage might cause a further tear, breakage, or damage. Once the player has been retained, ice or compressions should be given to the area of injury. The injured portion can be placed at a higher position for better blood flow. Make the player drink lots of fluid to maintain the balance of salts during the football trauma. These are some steps that can be practiced if one faces some form of injury before they can be taken to a medical professional.


Football injuries can be both stressful and traumatic to the players and their families alike. The recovery takes a long time for some, while for some others, it takes even more time to reach their optimum energy level. Many precautions can be utilized to prevent such traumatic incidents by following football injury prevention guidelines. The players can maintain their health by staying hydrated more often and being careful about the temperatures they expose themselves to.


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