Latest Innovations in Footballs Technologies

We are living in the 21st century, which is the era of technology. There have been numerous advancements of technology, and they have found applications in almost every field. Be it medicine, automobile, media, or even sports; technology has taken over everything. Football innovations have become an integral part of the sport today. This sport has begun sensationally using technology. Organizing the matches, Football innovations have facilitated their smooth conduction, post-match analysis, etc. Many people of the football clubs and associations and the staff of the backroom resort to different technologies to ease out their football journey.

Electronic Performance & Tracking Systems (EPTS)

The electronic performance & tracking systems of the Football innovations have helped the management teams and the players, keep a good record of their games and performances. FIFA has allowed the use of Football tracking systems for the games conducted by this association. This was because there were many information gaps between the players and the management. The Football tracking systems now facilitate the bridging of these gaps. The management can keep track of the performances given by the players. This data can be used to do the statistical analysis of the matches. The planning and strategizing of the next matches can be done accordingly.

Video Assistant Referees (VAR)

A referee is a person who watches a game or a match to avoid any mistakes or misbehavior by the players. The referee needs to be vigilant and extremely agile. However, even he/she is human, and that person can also make mistakes. These mistakes can cost a lot and may alter the result of a game. To mitigate the risk of such mistakes, a Football video assistant comes to the rescue. This system comprises an HD video camera that captures every single move happening on the field. Also, the referee who is working on the field is given a headset that is connected to another person who is sitting off the field. This person monitors the footage at every point in time. The referee can ask for help from this Football video assistant if he/she is stuck at any point. If he/she thinks that the situation is dicey and there is a need for someone else to review the decision, he/she can seek help from the Football innovations.

Pros and Cons of Using Them

Football innovations are like a coin with two sides. One is of the pros, and the other is of the cons. HD camera technology is helping the referees monitor better. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the Football technologies that can be used to predict the matches’ outcomes and plan the strategies accordingly. However, the cons of using them are that they cost more, and they can take a toll on the efficiency of the people involved in the management of the sport. Football technologies need to be used wisely.


Football innovations are very advantageous and helpful. Though they have minor disadvantages, these technologies are used far and wide in the sport today.


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