Top 7 winning teams in football that win by the tactical skills

The football game has been revolutionized by the tactical skills that the players display as a team, guided by their coaches. The game of football is a magnificent one, and it is interesting to watch for people from all walks of life. The football formations are unique for different teams, and it sets the route the game is going to approach. Given that football is a team sport, it depends a lot on team tactics and if each player is committed to a goal-oriented performance. Football has evolved leaps and bounds in recent times, and some teams have emerged out as absolute winners because of their amazing tactical skills while on the ground.

The football tactics and glory are interrelated for these teams, who vouch for nothing less than perfection when they get on the field.

Top 7 winning football teams

Every team has tactical skills that they implement and have reached greatness because of them. Here is enlisted a list of 7 winning teams who have won by their sheer effort and usage of team tactics.

  1. Arsenal

Arsenal remains one of the unbeatable football teams to have ever existed. Because of their unique tactical skills, teams with the emotional energy that each of the players has contributed to. Arsenal is known to destroy their opposition by adopting the football strategy of attacking. No one does it better than them. Be it switching the attack or a give and go, they take their opponents by the throat, as they give them barely any time to retaliate once they have got hold of the ball. For them, football tactics and glory set to their name have been inseparable.

  1. Liverpool

This team is perhaps, as old as the tradition of football itself. Their gusto in the field and the tactical skills are nothing less than commendable. Their unique football formations and the field’s strategies have made them win countless cups and made them boast of so many matches ever held. The analysis of their skills shows that they have won the Premier League due to the efficient position play that this team does. It is a mixture of defensive stability, counterattacks, and pressing strategies carried out to its maximum potential.

  1. Real Madrid

This team is known to have dominated not just European football but world football as a whole. Their propositions in the field teamed with swift team dynamics have made this team one of the legends. There are known to have done the greatest football displaying of all time. The tactical skills employed by them are defense, counterattacks that have overturned many a well-reputed team. They are a team synonymous with football tactics and glory.

  1. Manchester United

This is a professional football club having originated from England, from where football itself has originated. It is one of the highest-earning football teams and has won more cups than any other English football clubs out there. They are known for their brilliant football formations. Their popular 3-2-5 formation is the new tactics they have applied and have enabled them to trample upon the opponents’ team winning hopes. They are known to be creative when it comes to having formations and improvising when needed.

  1. Barcelona

It is a Spanish football club that has made a name for itself in the history of football tactics and glory. They employ the unique football strategy of Tiki-taka, and this strategy became famous for the works of this team. It is a passing style using which players of this team have swiftly passed on the ball to the teammates without losing control of the opponents’ team. This utilization of team tactics helped them dominate football at the beginning of this decade. This was an experimental and very innovative move from their end, gaining them recognition worldwide.

  1. Spain

They have won countless football matches spontaneously and consecutively, earning them a unique winning streak and making them popular worldwide. They have won FIFA and many European Football leagues. They are known to press their opponents as part of their team tactics, so much so that they roll past their opponents, and they do not stand a chance. The fierce control over the ball and the strategizing of the football ground of theirs have been pioneering. Their football tactics and glory are thought to be legendary.

  1. Brazil

This is the national football team of Brazil and is the team that has won the greatest number of FIFA World cups. They have changed the scene of world football for generations to come. Their philosophy of football team with their tactical skills has changed the way they play football. They implement football formations of 4-1-4-1 that gives more speed to their players to perform better. They attack the opponents, and the midfielders go strong on this attack, which helps them get the edge over their opponents.

The teams mentioned above have made their mark in football through their unique propositions and strategies and will be remembered as legends.


Having a good game plan is crucial to ensure the victory of a team. How a football club functions and will perform better depends on the state of its team. With all the factors in mind, carefully planning out the tactical skills to be used and the formations to be done sets the course of the game. The teams that have made it to the rungs of greatness are known for their football tactics, and glory is because they have put endless hours practicing and putting their best foot forward in every game they have played. As the spectators feel fulfilled watching these teams play with excellence, their strategizing of the game makes for many tactical analyses done after a match end. The team tactics in play leave an indelible mark on the hearts of the audience.


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